I had this product for over 10 years and finally got around to trying it out on public. It started with having witnessed numerous and invariably failed attempts by highly trained clinical dietitians to design a diet that would comply with research study requirements, ie, provide specific amounts of study material incorporated into an isocaloric diet that was actually edible.

Fail (x20,000 (roughly the number of studies times the number of subjects))

So I undertook to devise a mathematical way of meeting this objective and having found no great interest (they like to do things their traditional way), proceeded to obtain a US patent and then promptly forgot all about it.

Until now, that is.

Bringing it online took an effort and time that I did not have available until this year and this is now almost ready to fly, subject to some tweaks after your feedback.

What I need from you are some observations that will be solicited in the survey page.

All the foods are readily available in North American grocery chains, eg, Whole Foods.

Your entire investment is a low cost electronic food scale since you'll be spending money on food whether you stick to prescribed plans or go off on your own.

The site will go commercial once the kinks are ironed out, in the meantime there is an appeal for voluntary, anonymous donation (the site does not keep track of who donated or how much) to help with the expenses.

One idea is to ask people to visit their physician, collect blood pressure (systolic/diastolic/pulse) and do some basic blood testing (glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL-cholesterol, maybe even C-reactive protein (CRP) but that is a bit more expensive, also if diabetic or insulin resistant, HbA1c). Intermittent checks, maybe every 2 months will tell us the story not only with respect to weightloss but also basic metabolic markers of long term health - does the diet help improve it?

If you like it, recommend it to friends.

In the meantime, might as well give it a try, every 6 items rated from the Meals and Soups food groups will suffice for one diet plan, the minimum is 6 such plans, ie, 36 Meal/Soup ratings, the more rated, the more sensible and palatable the plans.