Frequently Asked Questions

The steps to get you started are quite straightforward.
1. Provide information (age, gender, weight, height) needed to calculate your REE (Resting Energy Expenditure), which represents the amount of calories required for a 24-hour period by the body assuming no physical activity

2. If your BMI (Body Mass Index, calculation done on Homepage) is above 22, you are advised to lose weight gradually, at rate of approx 1 lb (1/2 kg) per week and are asked to register with the program

3. Provide email contact in order to receive daily menu plans

4. You will be directed to the Food Ratings page where you will rate the food items according to your taste, using the slider bar - make sure to enter AT LEAST the indicated number of items from the MEALS category, however, the more items selected, the more realistic the end result will look.

Once the calculated diet plans arrive by email, all you need to do is purchase the indicated foods, scoop out indicated amounts (in grams), store them in containers and consume them on daily basis.

Note that all the plans are identical in terms of nutrient composition, therefore you do not have to consume them in a particular order and moreover, mixing fractions of daily plans is permitted as long as the fractions add up to one, eg, 1/2 plan 1, plus 1/4 plan 2, plus 1/4 plan 3.

IMPORTANT: as your weight drops over time, you are encouraged to login and enter the current weight in the appropriate field and all the plans will be recalculated accordingly. This is because when a person weighs less, he/she will have a lower REE and fewer calories needed in order to continue weightloss